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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
Political groups and parties call for a demonstration on Friday to demand immediate transfer to civil rule, a year on from the 28 January, 2011 police attacks on anti-Mubarak protesters
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On 1st anniversary of 18-day uprising, hundreds of thousands flock to revolutionary Square to honour fallen and demand immediate end of military rule
After hundreds of thousands converge on the birthplace of the the Jan 25 revolution, some groups hunker down for open-ended sit-in against military rule
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The role of the foreign ministry seems to be suffering a setback, but what is keeping Egypt from making its diplomatic mark?
One of the largest marches heading for Tahrir Square today reiterated the main demand of the protests: 'Down, down with military rule'
One year since revolution, Suez seethes with anger over apparent lack of justice for the city's fallen
The main stage in front of Hardee's has collapsed during the ongoing mass demos in Tahrir Square
Protests against the ruling military council filled the streets and squares of Egypt as the revolution continues a year after Mubarak fell - Ahram Online carried the events of the day from start to end
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Activists map out locations from which they plan to march to Cairo's Tahrir Square Wednesday on 1st anniversary of uprising that toppled Mubarak
Ahram Online presents a timeline of events since the eruption of January 2011 popular uprising that ended the 30-year autocratic rule of Hosni Mubarak
SCAF head salutes slain protesters; praises police, army and revolutionary youth; announces end of emergency law; vows to cede power in June; and reiterates commitment to international treaties
Ahram Online takes a look at some of the headlines in Egyptian newspapers on 24 January 2011, the day before the revolution which shook Egypt to its core
With justice for the revolution's martyrs the focus of parliamentarians' addresses on the second day of the People's Assembly, we look back at the struggle for recognition and help endured by those injured by the state
Egypt's military ruler Hussein Tantawi will address the nation Tuesday on the eve of the first anniversary of the January 25 Revolution
The Salafist Front says they will join the Tahrir demonstrations on the anniversary of Egypt's revolution to prevent clashes between protesters and state security
Shia leader calls on co-religionists to attend anniversary of Egypt's revolution in Tahrir Square
Egypt's revolutionary tale unfolds daily in its street; these chants are a reminder of the maelstrom of events that unfolded following the January 25 uprising
Over the course of the first year of the January 25 revolution, some public squares have become symbols of revolution, while others have come to represent support for regime
As revolution's one-year anniversary draws near, anti-SCAF activists scramble to explain their plans for a second Tahrir Square uprising - this time against military rule - to a weary public
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