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Friday, 23 October 2020
A British bank froze Iran's Press TV account in London without prior notice
A quick run-through of tensions which have gripped the region since the uprising in Tunisia
UNHCR said that some 190,000 Iraqi refugees are in dire need of assistance
Lebanon's new premier begins talks for government formation; leading Saudi papers criticise outgoing Hariri for egging Hezbollah on with violent protests
Saudi Arabia warned its citizens against travelling to Lebanon until 'calm and stability' return, after a Tuesday's violent clashes in Tripoli and Beirut
Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood say the new measures are not enough as poverty levels are running at 25 percent in the kingdom
Figures from another Israeli NGO, Bimkom, show that around 95 per cent of Palestinian applications for building permits are rejected, with the Civil Administration only granting around 12 permits a year
Media reports are indicating that Israel's intelligence services have been put on high alert following tense political developments in Lebanon, though sources believe Hezbollah is handling the crisis fittingly
In the latest batch of leaks by Al-Jazeera, Israeli and Palestinian officials conspired to kill a prominent militant and Palestinian communities in South America condemn a US proposal to settle refugees in their countries
The south's minister for regional cooperation, Alor, has no problem with the ICC, though membership would compel the south to arrest Bashir if he entered its territory
A day after Lebanon's day of rage, a heavy security presence can be seen across the country as Washington condemns so-called Hezbollah 'intimidation'
Tear gas canisters are fired at anti-government protesters who have spend three nights camped out in front of PM Ghannouchi's office in Tunis
Clashes break out in Darfur between government forces and allied rebel groups
As anger sweeps across Lebanon after Hezbollah-backed Mikati is appointed prime minister, Clinton states that the US will watch new government and 'judge it accordingly'
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah accuses detractors of new prime minister, Najib Mikati, of seeking power for power's sake rather than that of the Lebanese people
Najib Mikati, official appointed prime minister,vows to cooperate with all Lebanese
Palestinian negotiator Erakat accuses Al-Jazeera of participating in a plot to overthrow the PA
Israel's Livni proposed the "transfer" of Arab-Israelis to a Palestinian state
Prominent leader Saad Al-Hariri condemns violent protests amid rising tensions in Lebanon Tuesday, as Hezbollah-backed Mikati is named prime minister
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