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Saturday, 31 October 2020
One of the remaining threats to the South's security has been contained by the truce between the government and rebels loyal to army officer
UN urges Sudanese government to hold a fair and transparent referendum
Hundreds of Algerians took to the streets to protest soaring prices
Acting foreign minister also meets with Iraqi prime minister
Israel's foreign minister accuses Turkey for crisis in relations between the two countries
America hoping that the benefit of China's perspective will help ease the North Korean crisis
Alassane Ouattara accuses Laurent Gbagbo of recruiting gangs to torture and rape his supporters as the country slides further into violence
Government buildings and police cars set on fire during rioting in the southern city of Maan
Tension continues to escalate between Israel and Gaza as two Palestinians are shot dead
55 year old woman is the fourth American in two years to be arrested on spying charges by Iran
Passenger demanded the plane return to Oslo before being overpowered
Ehud Barak labelled a criminal and child killer for his role in the Gaza war
Israeli paper reveals Tel Aviv provided South Korea with satellite-guided missiles in order to assist it in combating the North
A recent poll in Turkey shows Israel and the US perceived as posing a real threat, reflecting a deepening crisis with the country's former allies
Amid festive scenes ahead of the South's expected vote for secession, President Al-Bashir and his southern counterpart, Silva Kiir, made commitments to support each other
Newly formed Israeli Facebook group categorizes itself as of 'common interest' and calls for the extermination of Arabs
An arms deal between US and Saudi Arabia is being concluded after two months of inconclusive talks
Saudi Arabia's monarch is expected home soon after reports of his health confirmed improvement
Radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Wednesday returned to his home city of Najaf in central Iraq after an absence abroad of about four years
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