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Tuesday, 21 November 2017
Wamda has been putting on weekly performances of shadow puppets and Egyptian aragouz puppets for over a decade, enthralling a new generation
On 3 January, a diverse selection of traditional crafts from the alumni of Art Jameel will be displayed at the British Council in Cairo
Ahram Online got a preview of El-Warsha’s troupe's latest project, Youm El-Qeiama (Doomsday), at the troupe's premises in downtown Cairo
The renowned artist Intesar Abdel-Fattah talks to Ahram Online about artistic initiatives to preserve Egyptian culture
Following relaunch of cultural activities at The Egyptian Society for Folk Traditions, Ahram Online interviewed Nawal El-Mesiri on the essence of folk heritage and its sustainability
The stick art, known as Tahtib, is a famous and ancient Egyptian folk art that is now taking on a modern twist
There is no counting the tricks up your sleeve
Translation: The sea is not muddied by a canal
He who does a favour should see it through
People are of different statuses
He who farms cannot be scared of the birds
God could give a knowledgeable man an ignorant son
God creates forty people who look the same
I believe his words until I see his actions
Better somone who makes me cry and makes people cry for me than someone who makes me laugh and makes people laugh at me
He who ridicules others will get his sooner or later
The ship that departs is better than the ship that arrives
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