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Monday, 21 September 2020
The winners include youth from Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Minya, Luxor and numerous other cities
One of the oldest active rock bands in Egypt, Andromida will feature guitarist Dimos, of Gravy Train Band, for the first time
The concerts are part of the Culture Ministry's programme for August that include various performances in the two cities
The music video The Day was released last Thursday across numerous social media and audio platforms
The unique orchestra began preparing for their first concert earlier this month, following months in limbo due to the Covid-19 pandemic
The concert will also feature fellow Alexandrian band High Dam
The two-week summer festival of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina continues through August
Head of the Egyptian Association of Religious Hymns and Litanies El-Tohamy spoke to Ahram Online about his ongoing project to revive traditional Islamic chanting in various music approaches
Though Arabic is his first language, Shantti raps in fluent and unaccented English
Conducted by the famous Selim Sehab, who is returning to action after a long absence, the concert will be opened with a performance by singer Ayat Farouk and Sarah Sehab
On Sunday, the festival will host Fouad and Mounib and Michelle Rounds band in addition to two cinema masterclasses
El Eskandarany left a legacy of dozens of memorable patriotic and love songs in various languages
El Wedidi and her band will perform tracks including Al-Seirah, Kotr El-Wagaa and Fi Belad El-Agayeb
The Cairo Opera House is hosting a series of events during the month of August that will include concerts by Mohamed El-Helw and Nesma Mahgoub
Over the past years, Said El Artist has become among the most sought after tabla players in Egypt and the Arab region
The competition, which accepts entries in the fields of music performance and singing, is organised by the Cultural Development Fund
The famed vocal trio spoke to Ahram Online ahead of a special concert where they will feature three guests
The Alexandria Opera House is hosting a series of events during the month of August as part of the culture ministry's summer programme
The Cairo Opera House is hosting a series of events during the month of August starting with Black Theama on Wednesday, a day before Ali El-Haggar's concert
Egypt resumed public cultural activities last month as part of phase one of the country's cautious reopening following the COVID-19 lockdown
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