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Thursday, 22 October 2020
According to Al Shorouk newspaper, several songs that were prohibited from being aired on national radio stations have been blasting out during the revolution
Marcel Khalife makes a formal statement and takes a stand against Arab tyrants by refusing to perform in the Bahrain Spring Festival
The Riff Band will perform a collection of jazz love songs at El Sawy Culturewheel on Thursday
The Eskenederella band will give a special concert Rag'een (We are coming back) at El Sawy Culturewheel on Friday 25 February 2011
On 28 February El Sawy Culturewheel will present selected songs from a number of Walt Disney productions
For 12 consecutive days Yemenis from all walks of life have joined the daily gathering in front of Sanaa University, demanding an end to Presdent Saleh's 32-year rule
All musicians are invited to the "Street Music Expression" event organised for Friday, 25 February
The Utopia Choir will be performing today at 8 pm at the Rawabet theatre in the Townhouse gallery
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To celebrate the victory of the revolution, poetry recitals and music concerts will be held in Tahrir Sqaure
Hundreds of the Cairo Opera House administration, technicians and artists joined what they call “Opera corruption cleansing campaign” with protests staged on two consecutive days 13 and 14 February. Some vow to continue
Egyptian and international artists pay tribute to the 25 January Egyptian Revolution
On 28 January, known as the “Friday of Rage”, the doors of all cultural institutions closed. On Sunday 6 February, a number of music centres have resumed their work but without holding many music performances
To demonstrate their solidarity with the anti-Mubarak camps in Tahrir Square, situated in downtown Cairo, the Eskenderella Band performed in the middle of the square after 13 days of continuous protests
Polish composer Frederic Chopin, a master of Romantic music, may have been epileptic
Spiros C. Moros Foundation held a musical event with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, a number of soloists and the Cairo Celebration Choir performing music by Toni Moros
On 31 January, Cairo Opera Orchestra conducted by Nader Abbassi, will perform arias from the best-known operas beloved by audiences
The Malian guitarist Habib Koité will be performing in Cairo
Situated at the Cairo Opera House grounds in Zamalek, the Music Library is not well-known to the majority of the public. Ahram Online visited the library and discovered the challenges that this cultural institution faces
In a tribute to the centenary of Mahler's death, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra will perform his Symphony No. 4 in G Major, as well as a well-known Brahms' violin concerto
On Tuesday 25 January, El Sakia String Orchestra will perform at El Sawy Culturewheel's Wisdom Hall
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