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Sunday, 23 April 2017
Rusalka is one of the most popular Czech operas
Located in the heart of Mauritania's capital Nouakchott, the women's market provides business opportunities and independence to local women
The play is directed by Mohamed Hashem
A list of arts and culture events held in parallel to the second week of the Cairo International Book Fair
The seminars are open to both the independant and public sectors to develop their arts-management practices
The play will be staged for 10 nights between at Gerhart Theatre.
There will be five performances by local directors who have been inspired by Swiss works
The Book Fair, which started Thursday, also has a full programme of artistic events including plays, film screenings and musical performances. Ahram Online provides our readers with a list of what is playing this week
Performed by the Cairo Opera Ballet Company, Coppélia premiered in Egypt in October 2015
Ahram Online highlights special events taking place this weekend
Two Chhau Indian folk dance performances will be held in Cairo to celebrate Indian Republic Day
The festival will feature performances, film screenings and workshops
Ahead of the Cairo International Book Fair, to launch at the end of the week, Egypt's arts and culture scene offers a lot of choices: concerts, theatre plays, film screenings, exhibitions ... Check them out below
Ahram Online highlights special events taking place this weekend
An exhibition will be held after the symposium to showcase the documentation of the street murals
Wild animals attacking their trainers are not unheard of in the world of Egypt's circus arts. And such incidents are not the only challenges the circus faces on a daily basis
This is definitely a week for visual arts aficionados with many interesting exhibitions by Egypt's renowned atists. Check also theatre plays, film screenings and music events listed below
On 6 January, the Egyptian culture scene lost Nehad Selaiha: a bilingual scholar, translator, historian, writer and critic with a multidisciplinary approach to theatre and a true “theatre activist”, as she was widely known
Ahram Online highlights a few events that will take place this weekend
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