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Thursday, 03 December 2020
Samia Jaheen's performance was part of the 10th Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children, which took place between 2 and 8 March
Luxor African Film Festival has cancelled its events and the Awladna International Forum of Arts for the Gifted has been postponed indefinitely
The awareness campaign will be held across the cultural palaces in various governorates
The Indian arts festival will be held this year from 4 to 10 March, bringing a selection of classical and popular Indian art forms to Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said and Fayoum.
The opening will be held at the Cairo Opera House's Main Hall on 20 March
Activities will be halted until Friday evening
The perennial favourite is back, bringing Indian dance, music, food and yoga practices to a number of cities in Egypt
The building had been closed for three years
Directed and choreographed by Walid Aouni, Domoo’ Hadid (Hadid's Tears) premiered at the Cairo Opera House last year
The festival’s third edition takes place between 20 and 28 February
The fifth edition of the Sharm El-Sheikh International Theatre Festival for Youth will take place in April
Sabaya Makhadet El-Kohl (‘The Young Girls of the Kohl Pillow’), a play that explores the lives and constraints of women in southern Egypt, is playing in Cairo until Monday
Ana Carmen, starring, written and directed by Sama Ibrahim, portrays the tragedy of every woman that looks for freedom and love no matter her cultural background
16 plays from 15 countries are competing for various awards at the third Monodrama festival
The Egyptian adaptation of Voltaire's satire novella Candide, starring comedian Sameh Hussein, has been staged for 90 nights in full house halls in both Cairo and Alexandria
Lenin El-Ramly was known for his daring ridicule of Middle Eastern culture and politics
Inspired by Tolstoy’s famous novel, the ballet Anna Karenina was staged at the Cairo Opera House on three nights last week
Cinema Masr’s cast includes 65 students presenting on stage more than 40 scenes from memorable Egyptian films
Aladdin is played by film star Ahmed Ezz, while Tara Emad plays Jasmine in the musical comedy
The festival's inaugural edition will take place from 23-29 March
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