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Thursday, 26 April 2018
Experts praise the efficiency, but some say the technology raises privacy and data security concerns
Ahram Online talks with Dr. Samira Amin, one of the founders of the Saleema initiative, which aims at curbing FGM in Arab societies
For somebody who doesn’t want to get sick, “get in that window seat and don’t move,” researchers say.
The brisk early hours of Friday will witness the first run to ever take place in Giza's famous Zoo
People exposed to seawater are 86 percent more likely to experience any type of illness and more than twice as likely to have an earache
Compared to nonsmokers, people who currently smoked were 60 percent more likely to develop high-frequency hearing loss
The concept is called the ripple effect and it means that weight loss interventions delivered to one spouse have unintended, but positive benefits on the other spouse
Ahram Online follows the life of one of Egypt’s most inspirational figures in the field of medicine
Every 10 percent increase in the amount of heavily processed foods and drinks people consumed was associated with a 12 percent higher risk of developing all cancers
New research calls into question what’s in those IV bags that nearly every hospitalized patient gets
As the world celebrates the day of 'zero discrimination,' UNAIDS Egypt collaborates with young celebrities to highlight the cause
People who smoke e-cigarettes might have an increased risk of developing pneumonia because the vapor could help bacteria stick to cells lining the airways, an experiment suggests.
The World Health Organization warned that a cholera epidemic in Yemen that killed more than 2,000 people could flare up again in the rainy season.
Soccer training is an effective broad-spectrum prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases for participants across the lifespan, independent of age, gender, fitness level or soccer skills
Antidepressants are routinely used worldwide yet there remains considerable debate about their effectiveness and tolerability
Colorectal cancer affects around 4,000 people in Egypt annually
Cairo Runners is holding its first full marathon on Friday
SIDS deaths are still far more common than strangulation and suffocation fatalities and are the most common cause of sleep-related fatalities
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