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Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Instructor Heba El-Aaser explains how Pilates can change your life and improve your health while staying home
Can man’s best friend become a foe amid the coronavirus global pandemic?
The smell of flowers was wafting through the streets of Alexandria during lockdown hours, heralding the arrival of spring
Ahram Online talks to one of the best known Egyptians in the field of philanthropy about reaching out to burn victims, as well as society in the time of Coronavirus
What are the symptoms? Who is most at risk? How many deaths can we expect?
Symptoms of coronavirus vary in intensity from one person to another. Health ministry guidelines indicate when and how to self-quarantine, and when quarantine alone is insufficient
For some, staying at home is proving a serious psychological challenge
Dr. Mohammed Abu Al Ghar, professor of gynaecology, discusses the possible link with Ahram Online
The internationally renowned heart surgeon took the time to reach out to his fellow citizens with words from the heart
Nutrition consultant Dr. Mostafa Sary discusses ways to strengthen the immune system and stay healthy given the spread of the viral disease
Ahram Online presents a shortened compilation of what we know about novel corona virus and a guideline of protection
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