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Friday, 22 January 2021
In 2008, authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle the chariot out of the country through Safaga Port
The palace will re-open this month and will feature an exhibition on the history of Heliopolis
The colossus was found at the Funerary Temple of king Amenhotep III
An exhibition showcasing artefacts unearthed during French missions’ excavations in Egypt is on display for two months at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir
In 1894, Empain, who also built modern Heliopolis, was granted the contract to build a transport network for Cairo. In the 1st phase, 8 tram lines were laid, 6 running from Al-Attaba Al-Khadra
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The medals are engraved with scenes depicting the monuments and traditions of historic Cairo
'The international community has sent a strong signal of support to Lebanon following this tragedy,' said Ernesto Ottone, assistant UNESCO Director-General for Culture
The ruins of a temple belonging to Ptolemy IV, the fourth pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt (221 – 204 BC), were unearthed ...
Beneath the waves of the Mediterranean, underwater archaeologists were busy digging the sea-bed to uncover more secrets ...
Measures to preserve Egypt’s right to control the sale of ancient Egyptian antiquities abroad are at last being taken following the sale of an ancient head in London
The Ministry of Antiquities has ambitious plans to establish and renovate a number of museums in different governorates this year in order to promote tourism in Egypt, writes Nevine El-Aref.
On Thursday, the Ministry of Antiquities started working on a restoration project of the large wall of Magra El-Eyoon ...
Virtual reality technologies can help recreate the heydays of Alexandria's belle époque, but the real challenge is to revive the connection of the people with the city's heritage, architect Mohamed El-Dessouki tells Ahram Online

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