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Saturday, 24 October 2020
The sarcophagus of Djehuty Imhotep, a 26th Dynasty high priest of the god Djehuty, contained a collection of amulets and scarab figurines of different shapes and sizes
All the unearthed coffins are in a very good conservation condition and still bear their original colours
The coffins are 2,500 years old and still retain some of their original colours
The coffins are 2,500 years old and still retain some original colours
Hawass described the task as a great responsibility, especially in this exceptional time in which the world is suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic
'I am very proud of all the effort exerted to organise this exceptional exhibition during the exceptional time the world is going through,' El-Enany told reporters
Hurghada Museum has recently opened and Sharm El-Sheikh Museum is set to be opened this year
The Egyptian princess died of a heart attack 3,000 years ago, the scans reveal
Some openings lead to one chamber, while others lead to groups of two, three and five chambers, thought to be of ancient religious significance
All excavation tools must be disinfected regularly, while the number of workers is not to exceed 30 people in open-air sites and four people inside each tomb or burial shaft
The museum will showcase three mummies decorated with gilded cartonnage and painted scenes as well as a set of canopic jars and a bronze statue of a winged Isis
A new burial chamber has been discovered at the mummification workshop complex of the 26th Dynasty at Saqqara
The cave is the first of its kind in the area of Wadi Al-Zulma in ​​North Sinai
The mummy was that of a teenage girl
The complex includes the valley temple, mortuary temple, causeway connecting them, and the pyramid
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