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Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Is democracy in global recession? Will chauvinism drown out universalism? The age-old debate on the nature of the future world order continues
Many of the challenges that face Egypt’s tourism sector have not yet been solved
Global and regional powers are increasingly looking to Africa to source development and investment projects on which they hope to reap significant profits
Even those who differed with him ideologically expressed their admiration and respect for the late Egyptian economist and thinker Samir Amin
Opponents of US President Donald Trump are stepping up their campaign against him, opening the way to possible impeachment
Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a $60 billion pledge to develop Africa at the seventh Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing this month, striking nerves in Western circles
Mohamed Shoir’s analysis and retelling of the context and reception of Naguib Mahfouz’s The Children of Gebelawi is sure to leave a lasting mark on Egyptian and Arab literary criticism
While US positions have somewhat firmed up on its engagement in Syria, the question of Bashar Al-Assad still lacks a last word
Exceptional leaders are often born out of exceptional circumstances, epitomised in the life of Nelson Mandela, the centennial of whose birth passed recently
Could Egypt be heading in the direction of Latin America in terms of the growth of violent crime
European governments must stop their support for the Tehran regime if they are serious about curbing Iranian threats in the region
Trump’s attempt to remove the Palestinian refugees question from the negotiating table sets the United States firmly complicit with ethnic cleansing
Mohamed Salmawy responds to prominent critic Ceza Qassem, who questioned recently the courage of late novelist Naguib Mahfouz
The endgame is in sight for the Syrian Civil War. But after the guns fall silent, the task will still remain of managing the aftermath
The memoirs of former politicians can make fascinating reading
As the anniversary of his death passes, one cannot help but wonder what Egypt’s great novelist would have said about the so-called Arab Spring
Tunisia is deliberating the question of equality in gender in inheritance. What it decides could impact the Arab world as a whole
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