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Tuesday, 28 March 2017
Women’s rights are human rights. But in these troubled times, as our world becomes more unpredictable and chaotic, the rights of women and girls are being reduced, restricted and reversed
Generally speaking, tyranny prompts revenge. But with Egypt's Copts, it's a different story
Given the importance of a country's image overseas, all countries — including Egypt — seek to improve their image in order to boost their influence and realise their goals
Israel’s behaviour in passing a law legalising theft and looting is similar to that of the criminal in Dostoyevsky’s famous novel Crime and Punishment
Are we on the threshold of a new stage of globalisation, and if so will it meet the demands of developing countries?
Why is liberalism unpopular in Egypt?
In the age of social media, even small matters can become a source of bitter dispute. But when this affects the course of a nation, it's time to pause and reflect
Each year after the next, the anniversary of the January 2011 revolution brings more questions than answers
It is not enough for the state to promote women to high position. What is needed is a conscious drive that energises women in the base of the societal pyramid
The Arab Spring revolutions are now entering their seventh year but it is not yet clear what specific path they will take in the future and whether they will fulfill the slogans raised by the masses who took to the streets
In the light of the recent price hikes, are Egyptians more aware of the dilemma they are facing, are they reconsidering what is necessary and what is not?
Are liberal or democratic concepts a Western product; do their non-Western proponents understand them?
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