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Friday, 21 February 2020
In the diplomatic and other battles that have taken place between Turkey and Egypt, Egypt has always won hands down
The aim of Egypt’s policy of ramping up its military might is not to engage in regional wars, but to prevent the ignition of such wars by others and to guarantee peace across the region
US President Donald Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial before the US Senate last week, adding to his already impressive record of achievements
Anger and repeat statements will not solve the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Only negotiations can provide a way forward
The US Democratic Party has fallen under the influence of a generation of leftist ideologues who will stop at nothing, even risking the viability of the party itself
At its recent meeting in Dar es Salaam the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organisation re-emphasised the need for all UN member states to respect international law, writes Hussein Hassouna
Egyptian Nobel prize-winning novelist Naguib Mahfouz’s later collections of reflections and dreams could be seen as the culmination of his entire literary output, writes Tarek Osman
If ever there was a time for Palestinian and Arab unity, it is now
Cairo’s Zamalek is not just an upscale neighbourhood. It is a mirror of the social and political transformations Egypt underwent in the last 100 years
The solutions to the problems of the press today may lie in the hands of journalists themselves
Strong political leadership will be required if Britain is to deal with the challenges it faces after last week’s exit from the European Union
Among many misconceptions about Islam, perhaps the most dangerous is that it is a religion that is not open to changing times
While a non-starter in and of itself, perhaps Trump’s plan is an opportunity after all, for Arabs and Palestinians to recast the discussion based on their own realities
Nations don’t rise through one success after another. Failure is inherent to progress, and should be managed as much as triumph
The Berlin Conference on Libya has set a positive direction for ongoing negotiations between the country’s warring parties and their backers, if all can commit to the principle of a political solution
The recent play of events in Syria shows the depth of Turkey’s strategic interest in Libya
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