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Friday, 21 June 2019
Dynamics between the main jihadist terrorist groups in North Africa increasingly have less to do with local developments and more to do with their rivalry
New charitable organisations and contributions from business people are increasingly becoming an alternative to public spending in areas such as education and healthcare
Recognition of realities on the ground should govern, for both sides, resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
If leading Arab countries are serious about curbing Iranian influence in the Middle East, Syria is the place to start
Why has knowledge ceased to be a factor in Egypt’s educational system?
British prime minister Theresa May ended her career as the UK’s second female prime minister this week in the minefields of the country’s exit from the European Union
The challenges that abound in the Middle East region will not be resolved by catering only to Israeli interests
Members of the Iranian regime have been discreetly reaching out to US politicians despite the official ban on US-Iranian negotiations
'There is no future for our Ummah, if we didn’t decide firmly and determinately to end the march of blood and begin the march of science…leaving the House of War and moving to the House of Peace.'
Foreign surveys have been painting an unrecognisable portrait of today’s Egyptian women
How can Egypt best profit from its huge resources of renewable energy
As US-Iranian relations heat up, it is vital that the Arabs remain calm and strategic
Putin’s next few political moves, especially in the Middle East, may define his legacy as Russian leader
Despite the rise in political temperatures in the Gulf, Egypt should focus on its western front with Libya and Sinai
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