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Tuesday, 22 August 2017
After decades of creeping dominance by Islamist thinking and social controls, Egypt has learned its lesson and is pushing back on all fronts
Are Egyptian and Western academia two different worlds?
Not only has Israel usurped 87% of the Palestinian water but deprived them from their right to pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque as well
A state's sovereignty is not absolute. It is governed by international law and internationally agreed principles, as well as the rights of neighbouring states
Stereotyping against Muslims and a presumption of their guilt is all too apparent when an attacker is white but isn't castigated in the same terms
Jerusalem has always managed to expel any invaders and preserve its character. Likewise, one day, it will end the Israeli occupation
The landmark Paris Agreement on climate change was a key achievement of multilateralism, of which both the EU and Egypt can and should be proud
The government of Sudan has been using media outlets to spread false allegations against Egypt, with potentially negative repercussions for relations between these two brotherly peoples
Ankara has gone too far in its defence of Qatar when it should have been trying to persuade the emirate to change its policies
Fifty years ago, our fathers' and mothers' generation engraved the feat of steadfastness on the land. Can our generation today engrave the feat of unity, in order to gain freedom?
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