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Thursday, 14 November 2019
Numerous armed Islamist groups continue to plague the East African region and especially Somalia as a result of the fragmentation of the country and the lack of central authority
Horn of Africa bordering Gulf of Aden and overlooking southern entrances to Red Sea has become arena of heightened international competition in recent years, potentially threatening Arab and Egyptian interests
The Red Sea has been the focus of accelerating competition in recent years, with many Gulf and Middle Eastern countries expressing their interest in the region
The Arab coalition was on the verge of taking from the Houthis in Yemen the port city of Hodeida, but stopped. Why, asks Khaled Okasha
China’s commercial cooperation with the Arab world serves both parties economically, but the Arabs get to score a political win against Iran along the way
Erdogan cemented emergency powers into a new presidential system at which he is at the helm. But while he has a grasp on political power, the markets often have a mind of their own
While narrowly passed in the Knesset, the struggle around Israel’s new nationality law is far from over, and could lead to the ouster of the extreme right in Israeli politics
As the world continues to be fascinated by the football World Cup, what are the connections between football, politics and nationalism, asks Ammar Ali Hassan
Western nations are trying to ensure the continuation of the nuclear deal with Iran despite the US withdrawal and the re-imposition of sanctions
Erdogan had hoped for some congratulatory words from Washington when he won the recent presidential elections. It was not to be
Iran will either have to accept the reality of new US sanctions or enter into direct negotiations over a new nuclear deal
Of all of Egypt’s borders, the northeast border with Gaza/Israel remains the most strategically delicate
Despite long historical ties, the border between Egypt and Sudan remains an issue beset by periodic tensions​
While Egypt has firmed up security on its western border, the crisis in Libya sustains border threats
How has China managed to become the driving force of the global economy in just the last 30 years
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