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Wednesday, 24 May 2017
The benefit applied only to tree nuts - almonds and cashews- and not peanuts or peanut butters.
Decades of over-prescription have led to the evolution of resistant strains of many bacteria.
Cairo is a main connecting point for Yemen
Kara McCullough, who holds a degree in chemistry , triumphed over 50 other contestants
Christian Dior Couture, recently acquired by the world's largest luxury group, LVMH, has 198 stores in more than 60 countries. Sales for the brand have doubled over the past five years.
Every cigarette you smoke does your body damage
Naturally coloured diamonds occur because of structure, formed when they were created at great pressure in the earth's crust, that refracts light to produce coloured rather than white stones.
Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the number one cause of death and disability in the world
WHO also plans to explore options for insulin
The World Health Organization sheds light on the immense benefit of washing hands and the challenge of antibiotic-resistant infections
The largest so far to arise out of about 2,400 lawsuits accusing J&J of not adequately warning consumers about the cancer risks of talc-based products
According to Guinness World Records, Jeanne Calment, a French woman, had the longest confirmed human lifespan. She died in 1997 at the age of 122.
Pleasure. Craving. Withdrawal.
The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt is training 40 young medical students from 21 govornorates to communicate with a broad spectrum of society and shed light on beast cancer issues
The new product underscores Amazon's ambitions to be a top player in fashion and voice-powered computing.
Manufacturers and fans of these products claim they are as safe as caffeine, but there is little evidence to support that claim
WHO is hoping to wipe out malaria by 2040
Children of mothers who never used cell phones while pregnant had a lower risk of behavioral and emotional problems
Viral hepatitis killed 1.34 million people in 2015
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