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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
The museum worker had hidden the stolen piece under his clothes
The ceremony was attended by French elites, the French minister of defence, and a number of foreign ambassadors
The tomb was discovered along with a number of others by an Egyptian archaeological mission led by Mostafa Waziri
The ministry has hinted that the tomb is 'important'
Ceremony at the Egyptian Museum sees transfer to Iraqi and Chinese ambassadors
The cave in Matrouh was used by Axis general Erwin Rommel during World War II as a makeshift base
Five mud-brick tombs uncovered in Beir Al-Shaghala necropolis in the Western Desert
The accident occurred at the site where the ancient boat is being removed from its burial pit
Confronting the demolition of Alexandria’s historical building is a multi-layered task, argues prominent architect and founder of the Alexandria Preservation Trust Mohamed Awad
Excavations started in 2008 when the mission uncovered the remains of a fifth-century church mud-brick church and a number of chambers
Three new discoveries in El-Kamin El-Sahrawi point to a large cemetery spanning the 27th Dynasty and the Graeco-Roman era
Free Arabic and English guided tours at the Egyptian Museum are being organised to celebrate the ancient flooding of the Nile festival
The long-awaited restoration project will see cracks filled, structures strengthened and problems with water and sewage fixed
A soft opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum is planned for April 2018
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