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Wednesday, 20 January 2021
25 January: Revolution continues
Political groups and parties call for a demonstration on Friday to demand immediate transfer to civil rule, a year on from the 28 January, 2011 police attacks on anti-Mubarak protesters
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Ahram Online speaks to 10 of 2011's most famous Egyptian revolutionary 'tweeps' about whether Twitter is detached from the common people, and what the role of the social network will be in the coming months
As one year passes on Mubarak's police failure to control anger in the streets Ahram Online speaks to a crowd control expert on the textbook tactics of the police in face of large demonstrations
As protesters crammed Tahrir Square yesterday, expat Egyptians abroad organised protests in many world cities in solidarity with Egypt's unfinished revolution
Those who did not join the mass marches to Tahrir Square yesterday no longer support protests
On 1st anniversary of 18-day uprising, hundreds of thousands flock to revolutionary Square to honour fallen and demand immediate end of military rule
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