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Sunday, 20 October 2019
1919 Revolution
1882: British troops occupy Egypt at the behest of Khedive Tawfik whose throne is threatened by military commander Ahmed ...
Ahram Online tours Saad Zaghloul's official residence, now a museum, in downtown Cairo
As Egypt marks the centenary of the 1919 Revolution this year, the story of women in the revolution has yet to be fully told while their struggles for equality today continue
Hani Mustafa celebrates a sampling of 1919’s cultural pillars
Britain’s exploitation of Egypt’s economic resources was one of the main reasons behind the 1919 Revolution
Nader Habib examines the intriguing life of Father Sergius, a Coptic priest who preached in both mosques and churches during the uprising against British occupation
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What were the reasons behind peasant participation in the 1919 Revolution?
The centenary of Egypt’s 1919 Revolution will see many recalling its events and historical outcomes. But 1918 was almost as crucial a year, as the memoirs of revolutionary leader Saad Zaghloul explain

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