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Three injured when bomb explodes under a bridge near downtown Cairo
The eight men appeared in an online video that appeared to show two men celebrating their wedding
Ministers are gathering in Addis Ababa to sign a number of agreements between Ethiopia and Egypt in a bid to further reduce tensions around the Renaissance Dam project
Major blaze at cooking oil plant in Suez industrial zone causes substantial damage and financial losses

Egyptian security forces arrested eight protesters in Alexandria on Friday afternoon, according ...

Assailants on motorcycles throw Molotov cocktails at Faysal police station, no damage or injuries reported
Nearly 20 Arab nationals - including 12 women and children - were trying to escape to Italy in a fishing boat off the coast of Alexandria
Egypt is banking on members of old regimes to help the transition process in Syria, Yemen and Libya, say diplomats and officials  

Seven military personnel have been injured in an attack on an armoured vehicle on Friday night ...

El-Massry dedicated the award she received in Italy to fellow activists still in prison

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The visit is the first by an Egyptian pope since 1998 when Shenouda III took part in celebrations marking one thousand years of Christianity in Russia

Egypt has the right to use a buffer zone along its borders with Gaza to boost security, but should ...

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There is a difference between freedom of expression and committing violent acts, says Cairo University President Gaber Nassar

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