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Gunmen kill man in town of Rafah, also hit woman and child; motives unclear
Move to install human rights departments in police stations comes after recent reports of torture at the hands of Egyptian officers
Lawyer for detained students in Alexandria says there is a video showing police firing birdshot at students in last week's protests
A case against the protest law has been adjourned to follow a supreme court ruling on its constitutionality
7 sentenced to death, 2 to life imprisonment in Arab Sharkas case
Omar Sherif is the first fatality at protests that have rocked Egyptian universities since the beginning of term on 11 October
A 'terrorist attack' at a transmission tower on Monday night caused blackouts in Fayoum and Beni Suef
The Egyptian minister says talks held last week on the controversial Renaissance Dam project proved 'positive and cooperative'
By taking the lead on regional ‎‘management’ issues, observers say, Egypt is sidestepping the issue of domestic civil liberties, with Western powers accepting to tone down criticisms  
Al Jazeera English journalists charged with working with a terrorist group will begin their appeal case on 1 January

Law regulating parliamentary constituencies at the next election is expected to be issued within two to three weeks

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