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Egyptian authorities found the nationals attempting to return home from restive Libya lacking the necessary official documents
The statement is the second in two days which cites Israel's 'excessive' use of 'unjustified' violence against Palestinians
Egyptian authorities have kept the Rafah border largely closed despite the deadly Israeli offensive being waged inside the Gaza Strip
Sedki Sobhi met with the families of the 22 army personnel who were killed in a recent militant attack in Al-Farafra
One car bomb detonated accidentally, killing three suspected militants; a second was found and diffused by police
Police foil car bomb in Giza just hours after an explosives-laden car blew up in the same area, killing three suspected militants
Car bomb detonates in Giza, killing three suspected militants
The death is part of the military's continued efforts to fight a counter insurgency that began after the ouster of former President Morsi last summer
Cairo's street vendors may not be removed as easily as many think  
Health minister denies reports of casualties or injuries from clashes in pro-Morsi protests

Egypt condemned the death of eight children and the injury of many others caused by a missile that slammed into a public playground in the seafront of Shati UN refugee camp on Monday

Approximately one hundred Palestinians wounded in the 19-day Israeli offensive against Gaza have been allowed to enter Egypt for treatment

Egyptian security and army forces kill over a dozen suspected militant fighters, arrest others amid relentless campaign against insurgency in the border Sinai Peninsula

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Human rights groups say a government ultimatum demanding they register under a controversial law signals an imminent crackdown

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