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Saudi authorities placed the total death toll of the Mena stampede at 769, with at least 934 injured

Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian journalist with Al-Jazeera television freed from an Egyptian jail last ...

Mubarak responded to his supporters by appearing on his hospital suite's balcony and waving to the crowd
Environmental activists helped the rare marine creature to find its way back to the sea
The council will freeze the activities of two of its members until the end of the parliamentary elections as the council is one of the entities monitoring the polls
Fahmy was charged with spreading false news during and following the 2013 ouster of Mohamed Morsi
President El-Sisi uses Egypt’s 6th of October victory to highlight close relations between the military and the people since 1973
The three suspects are being investigated by Jordanian authorities for assaulting an Egyptian worker in Jordan
Three decades after members from their ranks assassinated Sadat, the Egyptian state is keen to maintain an aura of fear around Islamist groups, says political scientist Wahid Abdel-Meguid  
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This will be Tawadros's first visit to the U.S. since his papacy began in 2012

Three Al-Jazeera journalists who served jail terms in Egypt were honoured Tuesday for standing ...

Investigations into the hajj tragedy are being conducted by Saudi Arabian authorities

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Culture minister Helmy El-Namnam made statements describing Egypt as "secular by instinct"

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Footage of Friday's incident, which appears to involve a Jordanian MP, went viral on Sunday

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