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Monday, 18 January 2021
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Start Your Dream is part of the initiative which originated in Cairo's Youth Theatre and expanded to other governorates last year
The initiative is held under the patronage of Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi
With memorable appearances in over 200 films, plays, radio and TV series, Hadi El-Gayar is most known for his role in 70s comedy hit 'Madraset El-Moshaghebien'
Banati Foundation works on the protection of children at risk providing them with basic needs
Start Your Dream (Ebda’ Helmak) brings together young people from across all governorates interested in exploring the world of theatre
Ismail also presided over the 13th edition of the National Theatre Festival which closed on 2 January
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The French-language show will be open for registered viewers for free this weekend
'Cinema Masr' is seeing huge success among audiences and critics with many first-class artists attending and some being honoured during the show
Fans of Broadway will have to wait a little longer for shows to resume — until at least late May. Although an ...
Cinema Masr includes 65 students presenting on stage around 40 scenes from memorable Egyptian films in a dramatic context created by acclaimed director Khaled Galal
Directed by Adel Abdu and starring Ehab Fahmy, 'Seiret Hob' features the legendary career of Egyptian late composer Baligh Hamdi
At Balloon Theatre, the performance will include dance, a documentary, singing and orchestral music, in addition to a video speech for Reda
Broadway stars who once lit up New York's most bankable stages now face a reckoning over the future of the performing ...
Christiane Eda-Pierre, a French soprano who broke ground as the country's first black woman to make her mark on the ...

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