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Monday, 24 April 2017
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India by the Nile, the Intl Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts, the Ismailia Intl Film Festival, and Contemporary Music Days close the rich Spring festival season. In parallel, Egypt's culture scene offers many other events
The highlight of this week is the India by the Nile festival bringing India's artistic gems to Egypt. Check the listings bellow for more details about cultural events taking place in Cairo and Alexandria
Films and music are the highlights of the upcoming week. Check below listings for the events taking place in Cairo and Alexandria
Ahram Online recommends arts and culture events in Cairo and Alexandria
As the festivals continue, Cairo and Alexandria are filled with artistic events, from film screenings and exhibitions, to theatre and music events. Check our listings below
Not only do Cairo and Alexandria embrace the ongoing artistic festivals, but the two cities also offer a large assortment of events outside the festival's dynamics. Check them out below
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Ahram Online recommends a number of events taking place this weekend
Thursday 13 April Screening of My Father is Still a Communist, 4pm Cimatheque, 19a Adly Street, Downtown, Cairo ‘Feminist’ ...
Several bodies operating under Egypt's Ministry of Culture announced a three-day suspension of their activities
Ahram Online highlights a number of events taking place this weekend
8th Cairo Video Festival and PhotoCairo6 are highlights of the week that also offers many interesting exhibitions, concerts and film screenings
Ahram Online highlights exhibitions, music and theatre events this weekend
Ahram Online highlights events taking place this weekend in Cairo and Alexandria
Ahram Online highlights a few events that will take place this weekend in three cities

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