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Sharm El-Sheikh summit draws initial investment deals of up to $60 billion, as well as $12.5 billion in Gulf aid
President El-Sisi thanks attendees at Sharm Economic Conference, asks Egyptians for 1000 times more effort; Minister of Investment says Egypt secured $33 bn in deals; Ahram Online provides full coverage of last day of EEDC


President Barack Obam
President Barack Obama on Tuesday released military aid to Egypt that was suspended after the ouster of Islamist President ...
Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi called on the Houthi rebels to back away from the ongoing ...
Neither former Yemen president Ali Abdullah Saleh nor the Houthi rebels are to be represented, a Yemeni source tells Ahram Online
Saudi troops clashed with Yemeni Houthi fighters on Tuesday in the heaviest exchange of cross-border ...
For the earliest Egyptologists, a trip to the Egyptian Museum in Turin was considered indispensable. ...
The authority is to present legal papers needed for the appeal against El-Adly's release to Egypt's general prosecutor
Three decades after seizing power in a military coup, Muhammadu Buhari became the first Nigerian to ...
Top officials from Arab countries will engage in a series of meetings in April to lay the ground for the creation of a joint-Arab force in July, a decision taken in March
Iraq said security and allied forces backed by US-led coalition aircraft "liberated" the ...
The third edition of India by the Nile festival featured a Bollywood dance workshop attended by hundreds at Midan theatre in front of Hanager Arts Center, Cairo Opera House grounds
Mostafa was sentenced over an illegal protest during the trial of policemen involved in the Khaled Said torture case
Egyptians recall how the songs of late Egyptian singer Abdel-Halim Hafez touched their lives. Hafez.....
Egyptian forces fought in North Yemen's eight-year civil war in the 1960s
Op-Ed by John Casson and Philip Parham
It was no surprise that when thousands descended on Sharm el Sheikh earlier this month for Egypt’s Economic.....
Sima Bahous
We are entering the fifth year of crisis in Syria, with no end in sight. Instability is threatening neighboring countries ...
Anita Nirody
This week, I visited Abshway district in Fayoum Governorate, Egypt for the launch of the Legal Aid Office in the Abshway ...
Ahmed El-Sayed Al-Naggar
Arab powers, particularly Egypt, must face up to the imperative of pushing a negotiated solution to the Syrian crisis — one above all that preserves the unity of the state
Ahly avenged their stunning defeat at the hands of Ragaa last October when a late header from Ethiopian striker Saladin ...
Ahram Online provided a live score coverage of Tuesday's Egyptian Premier League match between Ahly and Ragaa
The Confederation of African Football has rejected an appeal by Tunisia against a $50,000 fine for violent conduct by ...
Reports emerged in the media today which suggested that artifacts belonging to Tutankhamun were damaged
Police arrest head of museums at antiquities ministry for taking bribe related to the restoration of the Museum of Islamic Art
First and fifth sections of Sphinxes Avenue in Luxor are to open Sunday after restoration work
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During a visit by the state's human rights body, prisoners say they were severely beaten, faced solitary confinement and not allowed basic rights of food and toilets
Sixty-eight detainees have been acquitted from charges of taking part in an illegal assembly on the anniversary of the 25 January uprising
Ambassador Saif Moqadam Al-Boenain attended last week’s Arab League summit in Sharm El-Sheikh
There is no need yet for ground troops in Yemen, the spokesman for a Saudi-led coalition which has conducted six days ...
International donors pledged $3.8 billion on Tuesday to help alleviate war-torn Syria's humanitarian crisis, which ...
A massive power cut caused chaos Tuesday across Turkey, shutting down the metro networks in Istanbul and the capital Ankara, ...
El-Sewedy Electric, Egypt's largest listed cable maker, saw its net profit reach LE403million in 2014
The country welcomed over 688,000 visitors during January, state statistics body CAPMAS reports
Egypt's president has issued a decree to offer new bonds to the public to generate revenue to develop the Suez Canal ...
Ambassador Navdeep Suri opens India by the Nile with a press conference, which was attended by Indian megastar Amitabh Bachchan
The first principle of the Charter of Children’s Rights to Arts and Culture states that: "Children have ...
In an upcoming concert by the Cairo Opera House Quartet, Bruno Schneider, a French horn player from Switzerland will join the ensemble

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