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A lack of unity amongst undermined the left's efforts to contest the upcoming elections, with many from their ranks so cynical of the impending parliament's abilitiy to effect change they would rather not run at all
Saudi authorities placed the total death toll of the Mena stampede at 769, with at least 934 injured
Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian journalist with Al-Jazeera television freed from an Egyptian jail last month ...
Facebook and other Internet giants could be barred from sending European citizens' personal information ...
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday he wanted to avoid a violent escalation with Israel, ...
Three decades after members from their ranks assassinated Sadat, the Egyptian state is keen to maintain an aura of fear around Islamist groups, says political scientist Wahid Abdel-Meguid
Despite the growth, the World Bank estimates the countries still face an uphill battle
The council will freeze the activities of two of its members until the end of the parliamentary elections as the council is one of the entities monitoring the polls
Parliamentary elections
Ahram Online provides an overview of Egypt's first parliamentary elections since the ouster of Islamist.....
Hajj disaster
Ahram Online looks closer at the tragedy of the Mecca stampede that claimed many hundreds of lives, with.....
The British archaeologist has been conducting field work with Egypt's antiquities minister after putting.....
Ziad Bahaa-Eldin
The president’s decision to pardon some 100 prisoners, most of them convicted under the protest law, is a welcome ...
Said Shehata
Europe cannot solve the problem for Syrian refugees on its own. The Gulf states must do more
Mohamed Elmenshawy
The Prophet Mohammed, according to a new study, was the first military general in Islam. Without his military genius, according to its author, Islam would not have survived his death
Jurgen Klopp is staying tight-lipped about rumours linking him to the vacancy at Liverpool with the ex-Borussia Dortmund ...
South Sudan will make their World Cup debut on Wednesday at the start of Africa's campaign to find five teams to represent ...
Zizo believes Ahly players can overcome the current crisis, and revealed the foreign candidates for the coaching job
Legal measures are being taken to stop the sale of illegally smuggled antiquities in London
Basalt blocks of King Nakhtanebu I's shrine were unearthed today in Matariya area in Ain Shams, Cairo
A New Kingdom relief illegally smuggled out of the country has been retrieved from England
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Mubarak responded to his supporters by appearing on his hospital suite's balcony and waving to the crowd
Environmental activists helped the rare marine creature to find its way back to the sea
Fahmy was charged with spreading false news during and following the 2013 ouster of Mohamed Morsi
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday he wanted to avoid a violent escalation with Israel, his most direct ...
U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter called on Moscow on Tuesday to urgently respond to proposed rules for air-to-air conduct ...
Yemen's prime minister survived a rocket attack on his hotel as an assault on Aden killed 15 coalition troops and ...
Growth rates in developing countries in 2015 fell to 4% and the global growth rate to 3.1%
Egypt plans to use alternatives to reduce the deficit such as bonds, loans and broader taxes
Volkswagen workers are gathering to hear new chief executive Matthias Mueller brief them on the fallout from the company's ...
The delegation included the president of the association, poet Sayed Higab, as well as poet Gamal Bekheet, composers Mounir El-Wassimy and Salah El-Sharnouby, among others
The 7th Cairo Jazz Festival brings four days of international and local music, open jam sessions and a workshop
Launching this month, 'Gar Shakal' is the band's third album after 'Moulid Sidi El Latini' and 'Dandasha'

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