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Shocking report reveals Israel's electronic war on the Arabs

An Israeli report describes the electronic warfare their intelligence agencies have been carrying out against the Arab world, listing examples and the roughly 300 experts they rely on

Saleh Naami , Saturday 23 Apr 2011
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Views: 11124

In the first revelation of its kind, Israeli intelligence disclosed some of its information technology war tactics against the Islamic world.

Israeli intelligence allowed Israel’s Channel Two to air a report on Friday shot in an air force base in the Naqb desert in south Israel. Hundreds of experts involved in this operation were gathered.

The report showed the accomplishments of the information technology experts affiliated with Israeli intelligence agencies, which include the internal intelligence agency, Shabak or Shin Bet, Mossad and military intelligence otherwise known as the Aman. Other experts work in individual military units in the Israeli army, like those reportedly specialised in orchestrating coups in Arab states.

The report showed the experts exhibiting their accomplishments before Israel’s President Shimon Peres, who was inspecting the base.

Around 300 technology experts running the electronic warfare were mentioned by the report.

One notable feat was the considerable damage they wreaked on Iran’s nuclear programme. The report indicated that they developed a virus called “Stuxnet,” which targeted the computers responsible for running the uranium enrichment operation.

The report also showed the development of various strands of pilotless planes, which are typically used to assassinate Palestinian resistance rebels.

Advanced military planes were used to bomb a civilian car in Port Sudan in east Sudan around two weeks ago.

The head of Shabak, Yuval Diskin, emphasised the importance of electronic warfare in the interview, noting that his agency has been accommodating a lot of graduates from this field.

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