Council of Antiquities survey paves way for land sell-off

Nevine El-Aref , Sunday 16 Oct 2011

Supreme Council of Antiquities to produce inventory of all its land in Egypt with land declared free of artefacts to be sold off to investors

For the first time since the French expedition to Egypt in 1789, the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) is to establish a comprehensive inventory of the land it owns around Egypt.

Such an inventory will entail archaeologists carrying out major archaeological surveys of these plots in order to declare them protected archaeological sites.

Mostafa Amine, secretary-general of the SCA, told Ahram Online that lands declared free of monuments or artefacts will be offered for investment. He continued that lands housing movable artefacts will be declared open for investment after all authentic objects have been removed to museums.

The inventory processes will led by Atef Abul Dahab, head of the Ancient Egyptian department at the SCA, who promised the inventory would be completed as soon as possible. Abul Dahab explains that SCA archaeologists will begin investigating lands originally in the possession of private individuals and governmental authorities which were transferred to the SCA whilst investigations were made into the possible existence of antiquities.  

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