AUC to dedicate Mahfouz Prize to Egyptian people

Sayed Mahmoud Hassan , Sunday 11 Dec 2011

Award committee to grant prestigious prize to Egyptian public's 'revolutionary literary creativity'


On the occasion of late Egyptian writer and Nobel Prize ‎winner Naguib Mahfouz’s 100th birthday, the American ‎University in Cairo (AUC) has decided to dedicate this ‎year’s Mahfouz Prize – usually given to the authors of ‎contemporary Arabic-language novels – to the Egyptian ‎people.‎

Given that the centennial coincides with a turning point in ‎Egypt’s ongoing revolution, the Mahfouz Award ‎Committee has decided to give the prestigious prize to ‎what it describes as “the revolutionary literary creativity of ‎the Egyptian people.” ‎

‎“Over the past year, Egyptians have articulated their ‎ownership of space, body and language through a myriad ‎of creative, performative and cultural practices whose ‎semiotics, aesthetics and poetics have not only inspired ‎sister uprisings worldwide but have also created ‎sustaining solidarities throughout the world,” said ‎committee member Samia Mehrez.‎

Notably, AUC’s downtown campus lies adjacent to the ‎flashpoint Mohamed Mahmoud Street, on which more ‎than 40 protesters were killed and thousands injured in ‎violent clashes with security forces last month. AUC ‎reportedly plans to dedicate one wall of its building to a ‎mural commemorating the revolution. ‎

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