Egypt security forces gain upper hand in football deaths protest

Zeinab El Gundy, Monday 6 Feb 2012

Security forces push protesters away from area near Cairo's interior ministry after efforts to end the violence fail

Protesters in confrontation with Security forces
Protesters in confrontation with Security forces (Photo:Reuters)

Violent clashes between protesters and security forces resumed near Cairo's interior ministry late Sunday night and ended with the latter in complete control of the surrounding area, which includes Mansour Street, Mohamed Mahmoud Street and El-Felki Street, according to eye witnesses.

Sunday was the fourth day of clashes following the deaths of at least 74 people at a football match in Port Said on Wednesday, which many blame on the security forces and Egypt's ruling military council.

Security forces took control of the area using tear gas and bird shot following a failed attempt by several political figures and activist to end the violence.

Doctors at the scene said security forces arrested doctors and patients during raids on field hospitals in Mohamed Mahmoud Street and El-Felki Street.

Rumours spread on Sunday night that a doctor had been killed when security forces attacked one of the field hospitals, but another doctor said his colleague was injured but still alive.

Dozens of protesters have been injured by bird shot and tear gas inhalation during the four days of protests and many arrested.

The health ministry has announced that one protester died from bird shot wounds to the neck and chest on Sunday. Seventy two people are receiving treatment at the ministry's hospital, whilst 171 protesters have been treated at field hospitals in Tahrir Square.

At least eight protesters have been killed and hundreds injured in the Cairo cklashes since Thursday.

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