Obama will not veto UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements

Saleh Naami , Sunday 23 Jan 2011

American sources indicate that, for the first time, the US will not use hold back from condemning Israeli settlement construction in the Security Council

US President Barak Obama opposes using veto against a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement, Israeli media reported.

"President Obama is not willing to use the veto against any Arabic resolution presented to the Security Council to condemn Israeli settlements policy," American sources told Tid Debaka, an Israeli website specializing in intelligence.

The sources added that it would be the first time the US does not use its veto against Israeli settlements in the West Bank.  

"If the Security Council approve such a resolution, all the construction in the East and West Jerusalem will be against the International law and it would lead to huge gab in US Israeli relations," the sources added.  

Such a move by Washington, the sources said, would encourage the Palestinian Authority to seek more resolutions from the UN to isolate Israeli.

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