Egypt's High Constitutional Court tells president calls its decisions 'final, binding'

Ahram Online, Monday 9 Jul 2012

Egypt's highest judiciary body releases statement saying it's not party to political conflicts, that its decisions are 'binding on all state institutions'

President Morsi taking oath 30 June between members of the High Constitutional Court

Egypt's High Constitutional Court declares that it is not party to any political conflict in a statement issued by the court's general assembly Monday afternoon. "The scope of its sacred mission remains to protect the provisions of the constitution and to prevent any aggression against or violation of them," reads the statement.

The general assembly of Egypt's High Constitutional Court (HCC) held a meeting early Monday to discuss President Mohamed Morsi's decree reinstating the People’s Assembly (the lower house of Egypt's parliament), which was dissolved last month by order of the military.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) dissolved parliament's Islamist-led lower house in mid-June, following an HCC ruling that found Egypt's parliamentary elections law – which regulated last year's legislative polls – to be unconstitutional, and declared the current parliament null and void.

In its statement, the Court added that its decisions "are final and not subject to appeal, and that its provisions in cases of constitutional interpretation and decisions are binding on all state authorities."

Egypt's highest judiciary authority stressed that it is not a party in any political struggle that arises between the political forces and will not be used by any political force against another.  

According to the HCC statement, it has received a number of lawsuits challenging the president's decision to reinstate the dissolved parliament. "The HCC is the sole arbiter in all disputes relating to the implementation of its judgments and decisions," the statement reiterates.

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