Mallawi Museum gold coins recovered

Nevine El-Aref , Monday 26 Aug 2013

Antiquities Police recovers a collection of 25 gold coins recently looted from Malawi Museum

The Tourism and Antiquities Police recovered a collection of 25 gold coins looted during the violence that spread across the country in the aftermath of the 14 August forced dispersal of two large Pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo.

Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) Minister Mohamed Ibrahim told Ahram Online that with the return of these coins, 125 objects reported missing from the Malawi Museum are now restituted.

Along last week, three Graeco-Roman marble and limestone reliefs, bronze statues of the god Djehuti, statues of the god Osiris, a statue of the god Thoth, and papyri inscribed with Demotic texts were all recovered, among others.

Ahmed Sharaf, head of the museum section at the MSA explained that the coins all depict the features of a Roman emperor called Valdese in his battle suit, left hand clutching a bunch of flowers while the right one holds a cross. 

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