'Save the Revolution' day begins in Tahrir, Egypt

Ahram Online, Friday 1 Apr 2011

Tahrir Square demonstrations restart as revolutionary demands are left unmet

Thousands are already gathered in Tahrir Square to answer the call sent out to re-take the streets and “save the revolution”.

Many more are expected to join after Friday prayers, when thousands should be heading to the square from mosques and churches across Cairo. Egypt’s January 25 revolution put forward several demands in addition to the ending of Mubarak’s rule but many have not yet been met, activists say.

The call to restart demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square was put forth by several political groups, including the Revolution Youth Coalition which has been criticised for its absence from the political scene.

Coinciding with “Orphan’s Day”, the Revolution Youth Coalition say that more than 120 families who have lost their children as martyrs during the revolution have been asked to join the planned demonstrations in condemnation of the late trials of those responsible for killing young demonstrators during the 18 day revolt.  

The revolution’s unmet demands include changing the constitution so as to mitigate the president’s sweeping powers, dismantling the former ruling National Democratic Party and the trial of all figures accused of corruption including the ousted president.

Also demanded is an ending of the state of emergency and the release of political prisoners. Lately many have also demanded an end to military prosecutions of civilians, a common procedure since the military took power.   

Activists complain that the revolution is still far from successful in meeting its initial demands.

Mubarak has not been put on trial. The NDP is still at work. The local councils and governors appointed by the old regime have not been replaced, editors of all the national papers hired by the old regime remain in their positions. Members of the old regime still dominate most workers’ unions and public companies while the emergency law has not been lifted and most political detainees remain in captivity.

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