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Small turnout at Egypt's "No To Emergency Law Friday"

Unlike the last week's Friday, hundreds, and not thousands of activists turned out in iconic Tahrir Square protest

Ahram Online , Friday 16 Sep 2011
Friday 16 Sept
Salafi Front was among few groups who joined 'No for emergency law' Friday. (Photo Mai Shaheen)
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Views: 3924

An estimated 500-1,000 protesters took part in the Friday prayers held at Tahrir Square during the “No To Emergency Law Friday” demonstration: one of the smallest turnouts on a Friday protests in Tahrir.

Notably today was the absence of Sheikh Mazhar Shahin, the Imam of Omar Makram Mosque, who earned a huge following since early days of the revolution for leading the prayers and supporting the protests. Goma’a Mohamed, the secretary of the Bar Association in Port Said and a member of the Revolution Coalition gave the Friday prayers sermon.

For his part Mohamed took issue with the emergency law, stating that it is against the goals of the revolution and demanding its abrogation along with military trials of civilians. Mohamed also demanded that SCAF should come up with a timeline for parliamentary and presidential elections, adding that security and stability will not reign again until the elections have been held.

After the prayer a group of protesters had a rally at Tahrir Square against emergency law and military trials with anti-Ministry of Interior and anti-SCAF slogans and banners. The families of those detained at the Israeli Embassy clashes last Friday were among them.

Traffic proceeds normally at Tahrir Square; it has not been interrupted by the protest or the protesters.

Among the groups and movements participating in the “No To Emergency Law Friday” are the Revolution Youth Union, the No To Military Trials campaign, the Youth Movement for Justice and Freedom, the Al Azhar Independence Movement and the New Ghad Party.

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