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Who's who in the Egyptian Constituent Assembly

Ahram Online provides a rundown on who will participate in drafting Egypt's new constitution as a member of the 100-strong Constituent Assembly

Zeinab El-Gundy, Monday 26 Mar 2012
Egyptian parliament members elect constituent assembly on Sunday
Egyptian parliament members elect constituent assembly on Sunday (Photo:AP)
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Views: 7228

Constituent Assembly members

People's Assembly:

  • Saad El-Katatni — Speaker of the People's Assembly (PA) / Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)
  • Ahmed Diab — FJP
  • Hussein Ibrahim — Parliamentary spokesperson of the FJP
  • Osama Yassin — Head of PA Youth Committee / FJP
  • Mohamed El-Beltagy — FJP
  • Hoda Ghania — Woman MP in the PA / FJP
  • Farid Ismail — FJP
  • Essam El-Erian Head of PA Foreign Affairs Committee / FJP
  • Tarek El-Dessouki — Head of PA Economic Affairs Committee / FJP
  • Yousri Hani — FJP
  • Sobhi Saleh — Head of PA Constitutional Affairs Committee / FJP
  • Khaled Al-Azhari — FJP
  • Soliman Salem — FJP
  • Abdel Rahman Shoukry — FJP
  • Ahmed Abdel Rahman — FJP
  • Ashraf Thabet — Deputy PA speaker /Nour Party
  • Younes Makhyoun — Nour Party”
  • Talaat Marzouk — Head of PA Complaints and Proposals Committee / Nour Party
  • Adel Azazi — Nour Party
  • Shaaban Abdel Alim — Nour Party
  • Salah Abdel Maboud — Nour Party
  • Walid Mahrous — Nour Party
  • Mohamed Mansour — Nour Party
  • Essam Sultan — Lawyer / Wasat Party
  • Mahmoud El-Sakka — Lawyer / Wafd Party
  • Mohamed Dawoud — Deputy PA speaker / Wafd Party
  • Margaret Azar — Christian woman MP / Wafd Party
  • Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat — Head of PA Human Rights Committee / Reform and Development Party
  • Ahmed Said — Leader of teh liberal Free Egyptians Party
  • Saad Aboud — Nasserite Karama Party
  • Ziad Bahaa El-Din — Egyptian Social Democratic Party
  • Hany Nour El-Din — Reconstruction and Development party
  • Abbas Mokhamair — Head of PA National Security and Defence Committee
  • Mahmoud Khodeiry — Reformist judge and head of PA Legislative Affairs Committee
  • Amr Hamazawy — Liberal political science professor and analyst
  • Amr El-Shobaki — Liberal political science professor and analyst
  • Wahid Abdel Magid — Independent MP / Political analyst

Shura Council:

  • Ahmed Fahmy — Speaker of Shura Council / FJP
  • Ali Fath El-Bab — Parliamentary spokesperson of FJP
  • Susan Saad Zaglol — Woman MP / FJP
  • Moussa Hozyan — FJP
  • Taher Soliman — FJP
  • Mohamed Talaat Khashaba — FJP
  • Ezz El-Din Abdel Wahab — FJP
  • Mohamed Tousoun — FJP
  • Maher Ahmed — FJP
  • Tarek El-Sihari — Deputy chairman of Shura Council / Nour Party
  • Abdel Salem Rageb — Nour Party
  • Hassan Omar — Member of Education and Scientific Research Committee / Nour Party
  • Ehab Kharat — Egyptian Social Democratic Party.

Non-parliamentarians / prominent personalities in society:

  • Sheikh Nasr Farid Wassel — Former Grand Mufti of Egypt, 1996 to 2002
  • Dr Mohamed Amara — Renowned Islamist thinker
  • Dr Atef El-Banna — Renowned constitutional law professor at Cairo University, former member of the Constitutional Amendments Committee in 2011
  • Judge Ali Awad Saleh — Deputy chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court
  • Dr Mona Makram Ebeid — Liberal politician and former parliamentarian from famous Christian political family, professor at the American University in Cairo
  • Dr Nadia Mostafa — Political science professor
  • Judge Hossam El-Ghariany — Head of the Supreme Judiciary Council and among the judges that led the reformist movement in the judiciary in 2005
  • Judge Adel Abdel Hamid — Current minister of justice
  • Sheikh Hamed Hassan — Former professor of Islamic Sharia in the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences at Cairo University, one of the most prominent advocates for Islamic finance in the Arab world
  • Ambassador Mohamed Fathy Rifaah El Tahatawy — Former spokesperson of Al-Azhar who resigned in the early days of the January 25 Revolution, joining the protesters in Tahrir Square
  • Farouk Goweida - A poet and a journalist/writer working in Al Ahram newspaper 
  • Dr Al-Siyad El-Badawy — Head of the liberal Wafd Party
  • Nadr Bakar — Official spokesperson of Salafist El-Nour Party
  • Leutenant General Mamdouh Shahin — Member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the defence minister's assistant for legal affairs as representative for the army
  • Sameh Ashour — Head of the Lawyers’ Syndicate and former leader of the Nasserite Party
  • Mamdouh El-Wali — Head of the Journalists’ Syndicate
  • Dr Moatez Abdel Fatah — Political science professor, former advisor to former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and former member of the Advisory Council to SCAF
  • Ashraf Abdel Ghafour — Head of the Actors’ Syndicate
  • Abdel Aziz Abdel Shafie — Veteran Ahly sports club footballer and former coach
  • Dr Ahmed El-Sayid El-Naggar — Economics researcher and expert in Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies
  • General Emad Hussein — Former head of the Police Academy and representative of the police in the Constituent Assembly
  • Ayman Fouad El-Marakabi — A representative of Egyptian universities , a freshman in the faculty of dentistry , university of Mansoura , it is believed that he is related to general secretary of FJP
  • Judge Nabil Marhim — Coptic Christian and member in the General Congregation Council of the Egyptian Coptic Church
  • Dr Rafik Habib — A protestant Christian nationalist thinker and writer, deputy chairman of Freedom and Justice Party
  • Dr Ahmed Harara — A dentist who lost both of his eyes in 2011 during the Egyptian revolution while protesting
  • Dr Mohamed Abu Ghar — Leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, a physician and university professor who was among the founders of the 9 March Movement that calls for the independence of universities from the state
  • Abdel Ghaffr Shukr — Leading member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party and deputy president of the Arab and African Research Centre in Cairo
  • Engineer Ibrahim El-Arabi — Businessman and industrialist, El-Arabi heads the Cairo Chamber of Commerce
  • Fatimah Mohamed Abu Ziad — A woman member of the Muslim Brotherhood, her father, Mahmoud Abu Ziad, is a member in the Guidance Office and she is responsible for the students file in the Brotherhood
  • Magdy Shenouda — Christian lawyer who used to be the attorney of the late Pope Shenouda III
  • Dr Osama Ibrahim — Head of the University of Alexandria, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Dr Mohamed Ahmed El-Sherif — Head of the University of Minia and member of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Dr Gamal Nawara — Professor in the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Zagazig
  • Dr Sherif Abdel Azim — Doctor and founder of the renowned Rasala Charity Foundation
  • Hasan Lashin — Head of the Egyptians Abroad Fund in Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Mobaad El-Gerhai — Professor in Islamic finance
  • Engineer Mohamed Khalosy — Head of the Engineers' Syndicate and member of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Dr Abdel Hady El-Kasaby — Head of Sufi Orders in Egypt
  • Dr Maged Shabita — Professor of constitutional law
  • Dr Mohamed Abdel Gowad — Head of the Pharmacists’ Syndicate and member of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Dr. Abdel Rahman El-Bar — Islamic scholar, professor in Al-Azhar and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Dr Mostafa Kamel El-Siyad — Political science professor at the American University in Cairo, member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party
  • Abdel Fatah Khatab — Representative of the General Union of Egypt’s Labours Unions
  • Abdullah Kandeel — Representative of the General Egyptian Chambers of Commerce
  • Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa — Representative of the State Council
  • Dr Mohamed Yosri Ibrahim — Salafist Islamist scholar and preacher who lost the parliamentary elections to MP Mostafa Al-Nagr in Nasr City area
  • Dr Bassam Metawlly —Identified as 'prominent figure'
  • Ayman Ali — Secretary General of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe
  • Mohamed Saad Abdel Karim Gawish — Representative of the youth
  • Judge Yahia El-Dakrory — Former chairman of Judges’ Club and deputy chairman of State Council  
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