Muslim Brotherhood's leader Mohamed Badie speaks at Morsi rally

Ahram Online, Friday 5 Jul 2013

Brotherhood leader addresses crowds at Rabaa Al-Adawiya in Cairo

Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohammed Badie
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie (with hands raised)

The Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie is speaking from the podium at a pro-Morsi rally in Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo.

"This crowd [at Rabaa El-Adaweya Square] reflects all of Egypt with its different factions.

God is greater than all those who sold out the blood of [the revolution's] martyrs. God is our witness.

I did not escape an arrest warrant. Such accusations are mere lies. We are not cowards, we are revolutionaries.

I take pride in my president Morsi, who is your president and president of all Egyptians.

We will not leave the streets until president Morsi is reinstated.

We will bring back the rights of the Egyptian people who were wronged by this disgraceful conspiracy."

Pro-Morsi protesters in Rabaa El-Adawiya Square erupted in loud chants against Egyptian armed forces chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

Badie continued:

"We will bring him [Morsi] back bearing him on our necks, sacrifice our souls for him.

Our great Egyptian army,you protect us against our enemy; do not aim your bullets against us, you are more honorable than that."

As Badie speaks, an Egyptian military helicopter circles over the rally.

"Here is the [SCAF] re-entering politics after [SCAF leader] General Assar assured it will never do so again.

The military council urged us to take over burden of politics so they can focus on protecting borders.

Egyptian people, you are at a crucial moment in your revolution, which is being tarnished by this military coup.

I say to Al-Azhar's Grand Imam [Ahmed El-Tayyeb] you are a symbol but you are no longer entitled to speak in the name of Muslims.

Our dear army, do not take sides with one faction against another. [People] will not accept an alternative to Morsi.

The constitution referendum was another successful vote on the popular acceptance of president Morsi.

Pope Tawadros,you also are a symbol but you can no longer speak in the name of Copts.They have right to speak for themselves through voting.

Our dear Egyptian army soldiers, Morsi is your supreme commander. You are accountable to him by virtue of your patriotic duty.

I call on Egyptian people: let us take to the streets, demand the return of our president."

Badie ends the speech with a chant: "Revolutionaries! We will continue our path!" and leaves the podium.

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