Residents of Sinai continue to disarm

Ahram Online, Thursday 5 Jun 2014

Egypt's army has staged similar events in the past year to encourage Sinai residents to turn in weapons

Tribal members and residents of the restive Sinai Peninsula have delivered weapons to the Egyptian army Thursday, in an ongoing campaign to disarm the strategic area, Al Ahram Arabic news website reported.

Sources said the weapons delivered to the Third Army included automatic machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket propelled grenades and ammunition.

Such deliveries have occured several times in the past year.

The peninsula on the border east of Egypt has grown increasingly lawless after the ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July of last year. Weapons have been frequently smuggled from bordering countries.

Egyptian armed forces regularly announce attacking militant hideouts in Sinai and damaging tunnels between Sinai and the Gaza strip, as a response to an insurgency in the peninsula.

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