El-Sisi urges Egyptians to walk more to save on fuel costs

Ahram Online, Friday 13 Jun 2014

New president reiterates earlier calls for austerity, asking Egyptians to walk more to save the country money on fuel

Egypt's present Abdel Fatah El-Sisi (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt’s newly-elected president has asked Egyptians to walk more in order to save money. 

"If you're driving a car you will pay around LE4 for every 20/25 km, and Egypt will pay LE8, meaning if I could walk or used a method like this [cycling], then in a day I will be giving Egypt LE16. Imagine if 3,000 people decided to do that," said Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi during a speech on Friday morning.

The speech came during a cycling marathon in Cairo called for by former army chief, which he described as symbolising the possibility "for us to unite around one goal."

Around a fifth of Egypt’s state budget is devoted to subsidising energy, at an estimated cost of LE130 billion for the 2013/2014 fiscal year. The government aims to trim the fuel subsidy bill in the coming fiscal year to LE104.5 billion.

Friday was not the first time El-Sisi has urged Egyptians to tighten their belts.

In a March speech, he asked Egyptians to be realistic about their spending and "to think of what they had given their country before they have their breakfast.”

"Did anyone think I should walk to university every day, to save something for my country?" he asked his audience of young doctors and recent graduates.

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