Egyptian policeman shot dead during the dispersal of a pro-Brotherhood protest

Ahram Online, Friday 13 Jun 2014

Police officer shot dead in Maadi by bullet fired from a nearby building, say the police

A police officer was shot on Friday during the dispersal of a pro-Muslim Brotherhood protest in Cairo's Maadi district, according to a ministry of interior statement.

The statement, published on the ministry's official Facebook account, said that 50 Muslim Brotherhood supporters gathered in Cairo's Hadayek Al-Maadi district. The police dispersed them and arrested some of the protesters.

During the transfer of one of the protesters to a police vehicle, a live bullet fired from the roof of a nearby building hit officer Ahmed Shalaby Ahmed Abul-Kheir in the chest.

Abul-Kheir was transferred to hospital where he died from his wound.

Security forces have been subject to repeated militant attacks since the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi from the presidency last summer, with around 500 police and military personnel killed in shootings, bombings and other forms of violence. The Brotherhood denies any links with the attacks.

The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) approved on Tuesday the issuing of life insurance policies for police officers.

The policies are worth LE100,000 if an officer is "martyred" – killed on duty – and LE50,000 if the officer dies from natural causes before reaching retirement.

Protests are regularly staged on Fridays by Muslim Brotherhood supporters who claim that Morsi is still Egypt’s legitimate president.

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