Egypt protected Islam from extremism on 30 June: El-Sisi

Ahram Online, Monday 30 Jun 2014

President's speech on the first anniversary of 30 June focuses on terrorism and Islam, as he insists Egypt will correct 'the religious discourse'

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Photo: Reuters)

In a speech marking the first anniversary of the 30 June mass protests that put an end to the Muslim Brotherhood's rule, president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi says that Egypt on that day protected the Arab region and Islam from a destructive plot.

"History will [tell] that Egypt protected Arabism and preserved Islam against what was being plotted against Arab nations, the unity of its people and attempts to defame Islam by linking it to violence and terrorism," El-Sisi said on Monday, vowing to continue protecting Islam from extremists.

El-Sisi added that the country is determined to "correct the religious discourse", in addition to passing the needed legislations to "deter anyone who thinks of threatening our nations".

"On that memorable day [30 June], black terrorism was still trying to stand against the will of Egyptians and their hopes, terrorism that has no religion or country, a villainous terrorism that doesn’t hesitate in shedding the blood of children or those fasting," he added.

On Monday, two police officers were killed and three others injured in a series of explosions near the presidential palace in Heliopolis.

"I promise God and the families of martyrs and their souls that the state will justly seek retribution from the killers," he said.

In his televised speech, El-Sisi further called on Egyptians to unite and fight the country's economic and security challenges.

"The state cannot skip its responsibilities from these circumstances. I have accepted a mission and will not be satisfied except by success.

"Our future cannot bear any risks, we all realise the huge responsibility and the massive challenges, but you must realise that success is not impossible," he said, promising a better future within two years.

He also called on Egyptians at home and abroad to "contribute in reviving the country’s economy".

"Our glorious revolution has brought life back to Egyptians and gave them back their hopes and aspirations, which we will work together to realise," he said.

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