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Bin Laden hailed Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions: source

Osama Bin Laden praised the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, but said nothing about Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya, US source says

Ahram Online, Sunday 15 May 2011
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Views: 1712

An American source says late Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, assassinated nearly two weeks ago by US Special Forces, was in favour of the recent revolts in Egypt and Tunisia.‎
CNN reported that a recording of Bin Laden was found in his hideout in which he hailed ‎the uprisings in both countries.‎ The source was quoted as saying the recording was prepared late in April, just days ahead of ‎his killing.‎

Curiously, the source said, Bin Laden did not praise other revolutions in the region, such as ‎in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria.‎

Egypt and Tunisia witnessed full-scale revolutions that resulted in the overthrow of their ‎respective presidents this year.‎ Tunisian dictator Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali fled his country on 14 January following an uprising ‎that lasted around a month.‎ 

Egyptians were inspired by the Tunisians, the January 25 Revolution seeing Hosni ‎Mubarak toppled on 11 February.‎

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