Egyptian worker abroad reconciles with Jordanian MP following assault

Ahram Online , Thursday 8 Oct 2015

The Egyptian worker said that he didn't face any pressure to reconcile with the Jordanian MP

A still from CCTV footage showing Egyptian worker Khaled El-Sayed being assaulted at his workplace.

A reconciliation session took place on Thursday between an Egyptian worker and a Jordanian MP who attacked him in a restaurant in the city of Aqaba in Jordan, state owned MENA agency reported.

Egypt's consul in Jordan said that the reconciliation session came upon Egyptian worker Khaled El-Sayed's wish, who presented his conditions and demands in order for it to take place.

The consul pointed out that a preliminary meeting between El-Sayed and several Jordanians took place at the Egyptian consulate on Wednesday in coordination with the Egyptian embassy in Jordan, where both parties showed intentions of resolving the conflict.

According to the consulate, the second session took place on Thursday morning at the Aqaba governor's office and was a preparatory one for a final meeting that will be held on Thursday evening.

As a step for final reconciliation, both parties are expected to sign a document that includes a confession and apology by the Jordanian MP Ziad El-Shawabkah and his brothers for assaulting El-Sayed.

The document will also include a pledge that El-Sayed is to be respected and protected in Jordan.

The MP and his brothers are also expected to publish an apology to the Egyptian worker and the Egyptian people in Jordanian daily newspapers, a step the consulate described as an affirmation of the deepness of relations between Egypt and Jordan.

El-Sayed said that he didn't face any pressures in order to go forward with the reconciliation, adding that it was his own wish to reconcile following the sympathy he received from the Jordanian public after the assault.

Last Sunday, widespread anger was sparked following viral videos appearing to show a group of suited men including MP El-Shawabkah physically assaulting El-Sayed in a Lebanese restaurant in the Jordanian city Aqaba.

Following the outrage in Egypt and Jordan, the brothers of El-Shawabkah were arrested on Monday and are being investigated.

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