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Farid El Deeb: Gamal Mubarak did not seek presidency ‎

Former presidential attorney Farid El Deeb claims that Gamal Mubarak did not want to be president

Zeinab El Gundy , Thursday 7 Jul 2011
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Views: 3465

In a long interview with Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper, former president Mubarak’s ‎attorney Farid El Deeb defended both the former president and his son Gamal, saying ‎that Gamal Mubarak did not seek the Egyptian presidency. ‎

El Deeb claimed that plans for succession were actually rumors spread by those ‎surrounding Mubarak and his son in order to benefit from them. ‎
The renowned and controversial attorney is currently defending the former ‎president’s family along former minister of interior Habib El Adly and former chief of ‎presidential staff Zakaria Azami. El Deeb claimed that Mubarak supported the ‎demands of the revolutionaries from day one and that it was not these demands that eventually ousted the president. ‎

El Deeb insists that Habib El Adly did not order the shooting of the protesters with live ‎ammunition during the revolution, blaming stolen weapons ‎used to kill Tahrir Square protesters and police forces on foreign elements. He specifically refers to elements from ‎Hezbollah, based on former vice president Omar Soliman’s alleged statements. ‎
El Deeb also claimed in the interview that El Adly ordered Major General Ahmed ‎Ramzy, the head of the central security forces not to use live ammunition at the square ‎and that Ramzy presented the order statement that was issued to the investigation ‎authority. ‎

The former president is depressed according to El Deeb, who claims that his health is ‎deteriorating at Sharm El Sheikh Hospital because of cancer.‎

Farid El Deeb stated that he was happy for the arrest of Mubarak’s friend Hussein Salem ‎in Spain, supposing investigations with Salem will expose the lies about Mubarak’s ‎fortune. El Deeb claimed in previous interviews that Mubarak had only LE6 million in ‎his bank account. ‎

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