Lawyer repeats claims that Mubarak is dead during opening session

Sherif Tarek , Wednesday 3 Aug 2011

The opening session of Hosni Mubarak's trial was the perfect opportunity for lawyer Hamed Seddik to retell his controversial, and much ridiculed, story in public

In the opening session of Hosni Mubarak's trial, lawyer Hamed Seddik staggeringly tried to convince judge Ahmed Fahmi Refaat that the ousted president died in 2004 and the defendant is actually "another man" who has since been impersonating.
The long-bearded lawyer has been pushing his theory for years, having filed more than 200 lawsuits to prove it. Although his story has been consistently rubbished by the media and public, Seddik gave it another airing in Wednesday's session.

"Mubarak passed away in 2004 and this defendant is another man," he resolutely told the judge over the microphone. "I demand to compare his DNA to that of Alaa and Gamal [his sons] to reveal the truth … there is a conspiracy going on."

Refaat said the controversial allegations are irrelevant to the case but Seddik refused to let go of the microphone immediately, trying to add emphasis to his story.

Late last month, Seddik, a geologist at the National Research Centre with a doctorate in law, made the same claims on one of the stages set up at the Tahrir Square sit-in.

The angry audience reaction to his theory meant he could not continue with his speech.

Mubarak is being tried along with his sons Alaa and Gamal, former interior ministry Habib El-Adly and six of the latter's assistants for involvement in the killing of peaceful protesters during the January 25 Revolution.

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