Egyptian engineers protest in front of syndicate headquarters

Ahram Online , Saturday 10 Sep 2011

Hundreds of Egyptian engineers entered a sit-in in front of the General Engineers ‎Syndicate headquarters in the busy downtown Ramsis street

Hudreds of engineers started a sit-in in front of their syndicate's Cairo headquarters on Saturday, demanding an end to judicial guardianship over the syndicate.

Prior to the revolution, a court verdict was released to eliminate the system of judicial guardianship ordered by the Mubarak regime, under which the syndicate’s elections were suspended for 15 years.

Protesting engineers are calling for the court verdict to be put into effect, with the immediate removal of the syndicate’s current judicial guardian, Mohamed Abu Baraka.

Some of the protesting engineers attempted a partial block of Ramsis Street to raise pressure, bringing traffic to a standstill, but they re-opened the street for traffic shortly afterwards.

The protest was organized by a number of movements and organizations such as the Union of Egyptian Youth Engineers, and Engineers for an Independent Syndicate movement, as well as group of engineers representing the Muslim Brotherhood.

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