Muslim Brotherhood join call for early presidential elections ‎

Ahram Online, Thursday 6 Oct 2011

The Brotherhood wants presidential elections before drafting of new constitution; warns of continued security vacuum if military rulers remain in power too long

Muslim Brotherhood
Mohamed Morsi (R), the President of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom ‎and Justice Party‎ (Photo: Reuters)

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is calling for holding presidential elections ‎right after parliamentary polls – scheduled for November – and before drafting the new constitution.‎

The Islamist group issued the statement on Wednesday following a meeting between Chief of Staff Sami ‎Anan and leaders of political parties. ‎

According to the ruling military council, the presidential elections will take place either ‎late in 2012 or halfway through 2013. ‎

The Brotherhood reiterated that extending the transitional period – in which ‎the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) would remain in power – could stir ‎more chaos in the country. ‎

The MB said the chronic security vacuum might further worsen should military rule remain longer than expected. ‎

The group also believes such a situation could take a toll on the already deteriorating national ‎economy and keep SCAF distracted from its primary objective, which is protecting the ‎nation. ‎

On Wednesday, six presidential hopefuls met and proposed a shorter ‎interim period after which the ruling SCAF ‎should hand power to an elected civilian president by April 2012.‎

The meeting was attended by candidates Mohamed Selim El-Awa, who read the ‎statement, Hamdeen Sabahi, Abdel Moneim Abuol Fotouh and Hazem Salah Abu Ismail. ‎Two of the candidates, former Arab League chief Amr Mussa and Judge Hisham ‎El-Bastawisi, delegated representatives to the press conference announcing their demands.‎

Tantawi has been frequently criticised for many controversies, including military trials for ‎civilians and SCAF’s so-called inability to fulfil the revolution’s as yet unmet demands.‎

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