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Egyptian sister of 'world's heaviest woman' accuses doctors of lying, hospital strongly denies allegations

Zeinab El-Gundy , Tuesday 25 Apr 2017
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A file photo of Eman with her sister Shaimaa "R" and Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker"L" in Saifee hospital in Mumbai (Photo: Save Eman blog)
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Views: 6699

The sister of an Egyptian national recently deemed to be the “world’s heaviest woman” has accused doctors in India, where her sister is being treated, of lying and jeopardising her sister’s life, an allegation the hospital has denied.

Shaimaa Selim, the sister of 35-year-old Eman Ahmed Abdel-Ati, who weighs approximately 500kg, published a video on her Facebook account accusing Indian doctors treating her sister of being “liars” and looking for publicity.

In February, Abdel-Ati made headlines all over the world when she was flown to Saifee Hospital in Mumbai to undergo weight loss surgery.

On 21 April, Saifee Hospital announced that Abdel-Ati lost 250kg two months after undergoing the surgery.

However, Selim, who is accompanying her sister in India, has accused the hospital and the doctor in charge of treating her sister, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, of lying.

Selim asserts that Abdel-Ati has only lost 50kg and has suffered a stroke, which Dr Lakdawala has denied.

Selim also said that her sister, who is still in India, will be discharged from hospital to return to Egypt soon, even though she was set to remain in India for one year to receive treatment.

The health committee in Egypt’s House of Representatives has called on the Egyptian foreign ministry to follow up on the case in Mumbai and keep the committee informed on the situation.

On Tuesday, Egypt’s general consul in Mumbai met with Selim and Dr Lakdawala.

Dr Lakdawala and Saifee Hospital have denied Selim’s allegations in statements to Asian News International (ANI), saying that Eman is doing well and that her sister “was creating a scene because she did not want to take her sister back to Egypt due to financial reasons.”

Lakdawala said that Eman’s condition has improved "miraculously well," as she has lost 200kg in two months, not the initially estimated 6kg.

Lakdawala has said in a Twitter post that he will continue to treat Eman.

“Shaimaa Selim, you killed humanity with one blow, may God help you when you realise what you have done,” he said on Twitter on Monday.

“I will treat Eman to the best of my abilities till she goes home,” he said.

On Tuesday, he posted a new tweet with a link to a blog dedicated to Abdel-Ati titled “#SaveEman,” where a video posted on the same day shows Abdel-Ati undergoing a CT scan and physiotherapy.

The blog said that the CT scan showed that Abdel-Ati suffered no stroke after her arrival at the hospital.

The blog post added that she has suffered repeated seizures due to scar epilepsy and that her neurological rehabilitation therapy would continue.

Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, the section chief of Bariatric Surgery at Saifee Hospital, announced on Tuesday in a Facebook post that she is stepping down from overseeing the treatment of Abdel-Ati because of her sister’s behaviour.

“What her sister has done is worse than physically assaulting a doctor,” she said, adding that Abdel-Ati health was better now than it had ever been in the past 25 years.

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