Political parties and powers to approve El-Selmi document, on condition it is amended

Zeinab El-Gundy, Wednesday 16 Nov 2011

Several political parties and groups will approve the supra-constitutional principles document, after the latest amendments


Several political parties and groups expressed their preliminary approval of the supra-constitutional principles document, as long as agreed amendments are applied.

Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs Ali El-Selmi, who has overseen the drafting of the document, held talks with a group of political powers and parties Tuesday about the supra-constitutional principles document. Participants resolved all controversial articles in the proposed document about the army’s position in the state and constitution, as well as on its budget, besides articles related to the election process of the committee that will draft a permanent constitution.

Wahid Abdel Magid, a member of the Democratic Alliance, revealed to Ahram Al-Massai daily newspaper that most political powers and parties agreed to keep this document as indicative and not obligatory. Regarding the Army, Abdel Magid said that the political parties in parliament will take into consideration the opinion of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, but not need its approval, and that the military budget will be discussed either in a secret session of parliament or by the national security committee in parliament. 

Abdel Magid also added that the amendments included the standards of choosing the members of the provisional assembly that will draft the constitution. According to the new amendments, the committee will include 100 members elected from inside and outside parliament.

Mahmoud Ghozlan, the Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson, told national Egyptian TV that the Brotherhood is going to participate in the 18 November protest at Tahrir Square as long as the supra-constitutional principles document is issued without the agreed amendments. 

Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya for its part is insisting on complete refusal to the supra-constitutional principles document even after the amendments, except on condition that it is approved by the people through a referendum. 

Potential presidential candidate Ayman Nour announced on Twitter on Wednesday that Al-Ghad Revolution Party will approve the supra-constitutional principles document if the amendments are applied. 

It is expected that other political parties and powers will announce their position later on Wednesday.

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