Egypt affirms determination to fight terrorism during first meeting of Islamic Military Coalition in Riyadh

Ahram Online , Sunday 26 Nov 2017

General Tawfik Tawhed giving Egypt's address before the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) in Riyahd on Sunday 26 November

General Tawhed Tawfik, the head of the Egyptian delegation at the first Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) meeting in Riyadh, affirmed his country's determination to fight terrorism, which he said is a cross-border threat that requires organised and comprehensive measures to counter.

Tawfik said that the armed conflicts in the region have created a fertile environment for the spread of terrorism.

"Eradicating terrorism requires a comprehensive strategy to target all sources of financial and ideological support for terrorists, and not focus solely on the military aspect," Tawfik said, stressing that counterterrorism has become more complicated due to terrorist organisations’ increased capabilities and access to technology.

"Terrorist organisations have moved on from having political, social or economic goals to seeking the elimination of any trace of the nation state," Tawfik said.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman said that all members of the Islamic Coalition stand by Egypt in its war against terrorism. 

Bin Salman condemned the attack on an Egyptian mosque that killed more than 300 worshippers on Friday.

The IMCTC is an intergovernmental counterterrorist alliance of Muslim countries that aims to combat terrorist groups such as Daesh.

The initiative to form the alliance was first announced by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Mohamed Bin Salman on 15 December 2015. The alliance’s joint operations centre is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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