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'The 1973 October War showed depth of will and determination of Egyptian people,' President Sisi says

'Egypt was able to reclaim its land to the last inch ... It was able to impose a different strategic reality and formulate the equations in the region based on an orientation towards peace not war and destruction,' said Sisi

Ahram Online , Saturday 6 Oct 2018
Snapshot: Egyptian Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi giving a televised speech on the 45th anniversary of the victory of the October 1973 war
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Views: 4478

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Saturday that "the victory of 1973 was not a coincidence because the roots of victory and conquering hardships are deeply embedded in the soil of our great country," adding "that's how Egypt crossed the bridge between defeat and victory from 1967 to 1973."

In a televised speech on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of victory in the 1973 October War, the President explained "The October war was not only to regain our land, but achieving peace was also part of our vision ... Egypt has proved its capabilities in maintaing the peace just as it proved it in waging battle ... Keeping the peace represents a challenge no less than war."

"On these days in 1973, the people rose behind their armed forces to declare to the world that Egypt is hard to break ... Egypt, thanks to Allah and the efforts of its sons, was able to overcome the difficult period after 1967 ... It rebuilt its army ... It fought a long war of attrition under the leadership of the late president Gamal Abdel-Nasser ... The people proved they were pulsating with will and determination ... Then came the 6th of October War through the decison of the late President Anwar Sadat," El-Sisi said.

The Egyptian President then paid tribute to the late president Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, describing him as "The Hero of War and Peace."

“Egypt was able to reclaim its land to the last inch ... It was able to impose a different strategic reality and formulate the equations in the region based on an orientation towards peace not war and destruction,” the President stressed.

He said that recent difficult challenges did not weaken the country's determination to face the threat of terrorism and deal harsh blows to it, stressing that the state was capable of stabilizing the country following a difficult period of polarization and tensions.

The President then pointed out that these critical tasks did not distract the state from economic development through a realistic approach to the facts on ground, and without illusions or sloganeering.

Sisi highlighted that the Egypt has been able to preserve and maintain the unity of the nation's institutions, and prevent the spread of terrorism.

Sisi added that the goal is to transform the Egyptian reality to a better state through modern science, due diligence and confidence, adding that what has been achieved of national developmental projects calls for a sense of pride with the aspiration to achieve more.

He continued saying "Egypt has proved its ability to sustain peace, just like its ability in war, and perhaps maintaining peace is a challenge that is not any less than the challenge of fighting, and in both cases, Egypt made it clear that when it takes decisions it is capable of implementing them."

At the end of his speech, the president paid tribute to the lives of the heroes and the martyrs of the Egyptian army, who shed their blood on the holy sand of Sinai to achieve peace security for the lives of all Egyptians.

The President further paid tribute to the Arab armies that participated in the October War alongside Egypt.

He also paid tribute to the martyrs of Egypt in the war on terror, saying that Egypt will always remember their sacrifices and heroism in the effort to secure a safe life for future generations.

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