Suspect in murder of coptic priest over personal dispute detained 4 days pending investigations

Ahram Online , Tuesday 14 May 2019

Slain Coptic
Slain Coptic priest Makkar Saad Makkar who was killed on Monday by Church guard over personal dispute (Photo: Courtesy of Coptic Orthodox Church)

Qalioubiya prosecutors on Tuesday ordered the detention of a church guard four days pending investigation after he was accused of killing a priest in a dispute over money.

Makkar Saad Makkar, 65, was shot dead on Monday, by the 54-year-old suspect, Kamal, who worked as a guard inside St Mark's Church in Shubra Kheima, in northern Greater Cairo, according to the Qalioubiya security directorate's statement about the crime.

The directorate said that the suspect turned himself in at the nearest police station and confessed his crime.

The statement explained that the victim had previously given Kamal a sum of EGP 1,000 to help him with his daughters' wedding expenses. When the suspect returned to ask for more money, Makkar refused and was shot dead by Kamal, the directorate said.


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