Egypt Armed Forces kills 118 takfiris in anti-terrorism operations in north, central Sinai; 10 army personnel killed, injured: Statement

Ahmed Eleiba , Friday 27 Sep 2019

Tamer El-Refaie
The official spokesperson of the Armed Forces
Egypt’s Armed Forces said that it destroyed dozens of terrorist hideouts and killed 118 takfiri elements in north and central Sinai during its operations to eliminate terrorism in all strategic directions in the country in the past period.
The Armed Forces added that 10 army personnel, including an officer and nine soldiers, were killed and injured during these operations.
In an official statement issued by the General Command of the Armed Forces on Friday, the armed forces said the takfiri elements were found in possession of a number of rifles and explosive devices to be detonated in north and central Sinai. 
The statement explained that Air Forces were able to target and destroy 33 hideouts used by the terrorist elements, and 115 4x4 vehicles. 
The armed forces also seized and destroyed 37 vehicles and 42 motorcycles used by the terrorist elements during combing and raid operations. 
The armed forces said it also detonated 273 explosive devices, which were planted to target forces in the vicinity of operations, and destroyed 11 tunnel openings in cooperation with border guards. 
The operations also seized 2441 kgs of cannabis and other different types of narcotics during its security operations. 
The statement added that Egypt's Naval Forces continue to secure vital economic interests and enhance naval security in the territorial waters in the Mediterranean and Red seas. 
Ilegal migration attempts by 11,071 people from different nationalities were foiled by the armed forces during the past period, the statement added. 
“The armed forces and police stress on their continued efforts to eradicate the root of terrorism, and provide safety and security to the nation,” the statement concluded. 
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