Egypt's parliamentary elections to be held in November 2020: Speaker

Gamal Essam El-Din , Saturday 23 Nov 2019

The speaker said parliament's decision to hold a sixth session does not mean that elections will be put off

Ali Abdel-Aal

Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel-Aal said on Saturday that Egypt's parliamentary elections will be held in November 2020. 

"The five-year life of the current parliament will come to an end on 9 January 2021. In line with Article 106 of the constitution, elections to form a new parliament should be held within the 60 days preceding 9 January 2021. This means that elections shall be held in November 2020," said Abdel-Aal.

Abdel-Aal's statement was during discussions of a report issued on Saturday by Egypt's parliament – the House of Representatives – on the meetings of last week.

The report, titled "The harvest of last week's meetings," states that "the parliamentary speaker was quite clear when he revealed during the plenary meeting on 19 November that since the House's five-year legislative chapter opened on 10 January 2016, it should conclude on 9 January 2021."

Egypt is expected to see a number of elections in 2020, including the House of Representatives, the Senate and the local councils.

The report also indicated that the speaker was clear in stating that parliament does not protect "corrupt MPs."

"We can never cover up for corrupt MPs, and I assure you that the next few days will see a number of measures taken against those MPs who were convicted by court rulings," said Abdel-Aal.

Abdel-Aal criticised "the poor performance of some cabinet ministers."

"These are a burden," said Abdel-Aal, hinting that parliament might hold an extraordinary meeting within the coming two weeks, most probably to review an anticipated cabinet reshuffle. 

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